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Don't wait until it's too late to take security seriously. Keep your home and family happy and healthy with the top smart-home products installed by the professionals. Black Hat is there to protect you, whether or not you're home.

Don't Wait Until it's Too
Late to Protect Your Home

At Black Hat, our goal is to help you create an affordable and secure smart home solution. As a leading smart home technology provider‚ we offer home owners the peace of mind and control over what they love most; their home and family.

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Plus a FREE Doorbell Camera with System Purchase
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How the Black Hat System Works

Innovative Features to Protect your Family

Free video recording
motion Sensor
live monitoring
hd video
hear & speak
color night vision

Interactive Surveillance Cameras

Get instant alerts with smart clip capture and never miss a moment with continuous recording. Live feeds are shown right on your phone, tablet or computer. See what’s happening on your property at any time.

  • Use your smartphone to view live streaming video at any time.
  • Integrate existing video cameras with your Black Hat system.
  • Remotely move the pan/tilt camera, smartphone or tablet to see different views.

Seamless Integration

Unlock the potential of a completely connected smart home.

  • Connect all of your smart home devices for additional functionality and benefits you simply can't get from standalone systems.
  • New device? Black Hat connects all smart devices through a secure cloud, so new additions are integrated quickly and easily.
  • We regularly launch new functionality to enhance your system, allowing you to access cutting-edge upgrades with your existing system.

Video Monitoring

View live feeds shown right on your phone, tablet or computer to see what’s happening.

  • Use your any connected device to view live streaming video.
  • Receive alerts to custom set triggers of only the activities you care about.
  • HD quality and great lowlight performance make for crystal clear video.

Peace of Mind, All the time.

With your home protected by Black Hat, you've got a full team on your side. From 24/7 text support, to live-answered calls, and cutting-edge products. Black Hat protects you whether or not you're home.

Protecting your entry with the SkyBell


Visitor Presses button and SkyBall sends live video feed. you recive an alert on your smartphone


See, hear, and speak to your visitor with the free Black Hat App for select IOS ® and android ® devices.

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