How to Reset Your Doorbell Camera

The Doorbell Camera is huge for Black Hat Security customers. We all want to see who’s at the door, right? This is an emerging technology and is not without the occasional hiccup. In many homes it works flawlessly all the time, showing visitors the moment they approach the door. In some homes however there are factors that slow the camera down over time. One way to get it back up to speed quickly is to reset your doorbell camera.

Keep in mind that anytime you change anything about your home wifi system, you will need to reset your Black Hat Security Doorbell Camera. This is for your security actually, because if there was a breech in your wifi and that is why you are changing wifi settings, you definitely want to address that breech in your security systems as well.

So JD is going to show you how to reset it. Here are some steps to accompany the video.


• Log into your account from a computer
• Go to the Video tab
• Select Video Device Settings
• Under the drop down for Video Device, select Doorbell
• Select Video Device Info
• Click Delete This Video Device
• Go to the doorbell and hold down the button and don’t let go until the light is flashing with a Blue/Yellow alternating pattern.
• While next to the doorbell from your mobile device log into your account.
• Go to the Doorbell Cameras tab and select add A Doorbell Camera.
• Name your Doorbell Camera.
• Connect to Doorbell Camera’s Temporary Wi-Fi Access Point (SkybellHD_##########). The app will instruct the user to connect to the doorbell camera’s Wi-Fi network.
• iOS – leave the app and enter the settings app. Go to Wi-Fi and select the network named (SkybellHD_##########).
• Android – do not leave the app; the app will detect the doorbell camera’s network.
7. Select the permanent Wi-Fi network for the doorbell camera.
8. The Doorbell Camera will sync. The Doorbell camera’s LED will follow this pattern:
• Double-Flash Orange (~30 seconds)
• Alternating Blue/Green (~30 seconds)
• Solid Green