Advancements in Home Security Camera Technology 2017


Home in Phoenix with low shrubberyIn recent years, security camera manufacturers have been pushing the envelope on what’s possible when it comes to home security camera monitoring. Where once the most advanced security system was a low-res CCTV system, viewable from only a central control room we now have systems that are connected to mobile devices via online streaming and offer a wealth of convenient features to keep homeowners safe and aware of what is going on in their homes turning even average homes into secure, smart fortresses.

Where once a truly powerful security system was so cost-restrictive that it would only be available to the super rich, the accessibility of technologies like HD cameras and wifi streaming paired with the beauty of our free market system has improved access to powerful security systems substantially by making prices of powerful home security systems much cheaper.
With this high level of accessibility, more and more homeowners are opting to protect their homes with security systems each year.

With all these technological advancements made to front door cameras and home security systems, it can sometimes be overwhelming for the homeowner to decide on which camera or system to buy. If you are looking to have a front door camera installed, we have compiled a list of 6 of the most important features to look for in a front door camera.


Live Streaming

We are truly in the age of the internet. While it may seem at times that internet connectivity is something that is baked into too many devices, having wifi enabled home security devices is a game changer. Modern home security cameras allow the users with access to stream camera feeds onto any wifi or 3g enabled device, allowing the homeowner to access these feeds at any time and from any location. In most systems these feeds are heavily encrypted using advanced internet encryption protocols, meaning only those allowed access to the feed (usually determined by an admin account held by the homeowner and accessible via app or online interface.)

We know how inconvenient and sometimes unsettling getting an unexpected ring of the door can be, especially in times when someone is home alone. Systems like the Skybell included with any of Black Hat Security’s home security packages offer super user-friendly interfaces that make viewing the live stream of your front door camera as easy as can be. Black Hat’s Skybell was made with ease of access in mind; there is no need to spend 10 minutes trying to log into a complicated software program like some cameras on the market. With skybell, one click of an app is all it takes and you’re in and looking at the feeds of your cameras.

Installing a front door camera with easy-access live streaming capabilities makes worrying about unexpected visitors a thing of the past as you will be able to see who’s at the door before approaching (or ignored in the case of unwanted solicitors) the door.

Smart Motion Sensor & Wireless Alerts

Smart front door cameras offer the ability to receive an alert whenever the camera recognizes motion via motion sensors. These automatic wireless alerts let homeowners keep an eye on their front porch in the event of a postal worker dropping off a package, or guests arriving at the door for a party and can be helpful when a potential intruder arrives at your doorstep.

Many systems, however, run the risk of producing unwanted alerts. These lower quality systems may go off in the case of a small animal scurrying across your lawn, and often have no way from differentiating a member of your family from an unknown visitor and may constantly go off as family members leave the home for routine tasks. Getting an alert on your phone while at work when a suspicious person is at your doorstep is powerful; getting an alert while at work every single time a family member leaves to check the mail is downright annoying.

Smart motion sensors allow the camera to be programmed to ignore things like small animals and birds. Some systems even employ advanced AI technology and can learn the habits of family members, thereby not sending an alert when the head of the household decides to go on a jog.

Two-way Communication

Imagine being able to communicate with those at your doorstep without even having to open the door. Some front door camera systems allow you to do just that by equipping the front door camera with speakers and a microphone which allow for two-way communication.Although similar technology has existed in the form of intercoms, being able to communicate with those at your doorstep can now be done through any internet connected device such as a phone, tablet or laptop by simply opening an app!

High-resolution imaging

All the internet connectivity and live streaming capabilities will be useless if the camera does not have the ability to pick up and produce the right image. Thankfully, high-resolution imaging is now widely accessible and having high-quality images produced by your camera can mean the difference between being able to discern the face of a visitor or not.

When looking for a front door camera, make sure that the image resolution picked up by the camera is 720P (1280 x 720 pixels) or higher; for those looking for truly great-looking image resolution from their cameras and are willing to spend a bit more, there are many 1080P and HD options available on the market as well.

Night Vision capabilities

When it comes to a front door camera as a security tool, no form of image processing is more important than night-vision capabilities. As a majority of B&E cases happen at night, and the most common point of entry is the front door it is important that this area is well protected especially during sundown.

How do night vision security cameras work?

Night vision cameras work by utilizing infrared (IR) light sensors to capture light in the IR wavelengths (700nm – 1 mm) and use it to produce high-quality images during the night. During the day, however, this infrared light significantly distorts image quality. High-quality night vision cameras use a technology called an “IR Cut Filter” to filter out this IR light during daytime with a simple lens. Night vision enabled cameras that come with this additional piece of technology often produce higher quality images during the day.

The evolution of the home security camera

In retrospect, it’s hard to comprehend the technology that is built into even the simplest security systems of 2017 to older systems. The integration of IP and 3g LTE connected cameras into home systems have dwarfed the capabilities of more aged CCTV systems.

New security systems don’t shut off with wires being cut as they have the ability to operate independently of a building’s central power (good luck shutting those off, thieves). Streams of home security cameras can be viewed from bedrooms or even office buildings and homeowners can receive alerts whenever someone is at the door, even if they are away from home. Cameras with night vision and high resolution are more ubiquitous than ever before and systems can now make intelligent inferences about whether or not somebody on screen is a homeowner, person of interest, or a small animal and choose to send security alerts accordingly.

Amazingly enough, these are just some of the exciting features available to security systems today. Just years ago it would have been hard to conjure up the thought of smart security systems that do even half of these things, but they are now truly a reality.


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