Breaking in through the window is as old as… well, windows. What can you do to fight it?

KNIX Morning Show Host, Ben Campbell, attempts break in through the window then drives away in Walter White’s motorhome.

Window smashing with a shovel? We’re happy to report to KNIX and iHeartRadio that your boy, our boy, Ben Campbell is certifiably NOT a home burglar… in spite of the evidence to the contrary. See below.

KNIX, Ben Campbell,

There’s nothing to see here, right Ben?

Ben Campbell, Burglary, Home Security

Ben Campbell’s doppelgänger caught by security cameras during attempted burglary




Kids’ windows. At Black Hat Security everyday we help Arizona families to avoid the unthinkable. Peoples’ break-in stories break our hearts.  Obviously, there’s nothing “funny” about security. One of the unique things that we do at Black Hat Security is that we test our equipment. We let our Service Pros test each other to see who can secure a home the best given the customer’s needs and budget. We let them break glass, drop through ceilings, cut power, pop locks, break doors, cut phone lines, etc…  You name it, and our guys are testing it.

Home Security, Arizona, Ceiling, motion detector

Black Hat Security testing popular, and not so popular, methods of breaking into a home.

One of the the things that we really focus on is child security. Many of our clients share the same fear of a child’s window being open or insecure on the other side of the house. There are several ways to secure a window, and experienced criminals know them.

Window sensors operate with magnets. The magnets are separated when opned and a signal is sent to the system. This works great when someone actually opens the window.

Glass Break Sensors are set to respond to certain sound frequencies. Breaking glass sets it off. Experienced burglars can spot a sensor. So to avoid the sensor they simply break the glass and leave the frame in place. The downside of breaking a window though is that the burglar doesn’t want to get cut while climbing into the house. If they can avoid breaking glass, they will. Black Hat Security works with clients to strategically place sensors and glass breaks appropriately to decrease the risk of undetected entry through a window.


ABC article titled "Phoenix woman shoots at intruder coming through window overnight" a police van in a residential road is pictured

Jan 11 2017 another burglar tries to force entry through an unlocked window.

Orange County Register cover article on "flocking" a burglary tactic used on some of LA's most rich and famous

The Orange County Register article details a smash and grab scheme targeting LA’s rich and famous.

Ben Campbell was busted with the glass break that was set to guard the long windows in the great room and kitchen.

You’ll notice that it took a few hits for the glass break to sound. This is intentional. A glass break sensor in the kitchen will be exposed to all sorts of clanking glass, dropped dishes, and other high pitched noises. So our technician chose to decrease the sensitivity of the sensor in this case.


Ben was  a great sport. Obviously, smashing a window is a little unnatural. But the reality of the situation is that burglars are desperate and often creative. As burglars change, so does Black Hat Security technology. We’re here for you.